Candle Care

  • Before each burn, we recommend you trim your wick to 1/4". This will eliminate some black soot; which may accrue on your candle vessel (jar). Trimming your wick also encourages an even burn/steady flame.
  • When lighting your candle for the first time, we recommend burning your candle for at least 2-3 hours. This allows your wax pool to reach the vessel; which can prevent tunneling and also creates an even burn for the life of the candle.
  • Only burn your candle for 3-4 hours at a time on each burn. Burning your candle for longer than the recommended time, may cause your candle to change in color.
  • Try using a candle snuffer or wick dipper to extinguish your candle instead of blowing it out. 
  • Never burn your candle to the point of the wick tab being seen. This will prevent the flame from getting too hot, resulting in a shattered glass from an overheated vessel.
  • Always keep your candles in a cool, dark, and dry place. Never leave your candle in direct sunlight. Doing so may cause your candle to fade.
  • Replace the lid to your candle after it has cooled from a burn to help keep dust particles from collecting on top of your candle. Dust can be a fire hazard.

Disclaimer: The Helen Candle is not responsible for any injuries, damages, and/or loss of any kind due to lack of care and negligence when burning your candle. Your purchase from The Helen Candle illustrates that you agree/accept our policies and information.

If you have any additional questions regarding our candle care and safety instructions, we will do our best to assist you. Please email us at 

Thank you!